fredag 16. januar 2009


is the area between the bedposts.
A focused area right where the sleepy kopf is in rest.
There is an elephant climbing a spiral staircase, holding an
umbrella.Of course you need an umbrella, to keep dry from
the atomics of rain.
Even in Sleepyland...
A picture never put up on
The original lost in the pyrosis of purification. Only electro-
stasis remain; the hum and wirr of servitors.
And so more about Sleepyland; Aeroships arrive at the 
station. A Templar prepares to board ( ah-the templars-
fancies of the Umberto Eco novel).
A lioness wanders ( this before the term furries became some-
thing you wish you barely knew).
An image of safety and dreaming slumber; the Questing Furry
asleep on a cloud.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Kanonbra bilde. Lagd det nylig?

  2. Mycket ikkenylig. Det eneste bidraget så langt som ikke er snuskete :P