onsdag 25. november 2009

Ewige Blumenzaft

An eternity of sense and insensibility lovingly stored forever in the great Codex Googelia.
Grosse Muttr Googel got you in the cold embrace of encoded powerjuice. Thee ,esteemed poet, might amount to less than null...but thine Great Work will be kept inviolate ad infinitum..It`s mindgoggeling.
So be of good cheer even if your Pagoranko is 0.00-; In the year of 5555 psychohistorians will include your blogg in their algorhytms.....
(on a sidenote; who among you have been in the glow of sanatoriumlight electric and found it to be the Luum Sinistre? More of that another time.Wealth from Mental Health)....

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