tirsdag 9. mars 2010

the magician Mulmic gets into it

The Prince Chan-Draco is from the radiant city of Chelocherii, city of Heroes. A brand of boisterous innosence reigns there, for they all walk about Skyclad. Or maybe enchanted gauntlets or boots will be worn, but mostly these heroes greet the smouldering sun and lifting breeze without a thread of garment on. Apparently the Allmighty, grand Creator of the Multiverse wanted a city on his world orbus where the important thing was being heroic, poised and beautyful...And where Progress is lazily noting that the Firesphere Alphazaer is shifting in the heavens, for the warm light has shifted from sprinkling through those leaves, and is now lighting up that dark corner among those heroes houses.
So they often end up the playthings of magicians, for skill with a straight blade, no matter how it shimmers with mystic potency, is of no use against a clever mind...Clever minds scheme, and learn secret Arts, and wish for themselves an ambundance of good and stimulating things....

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