søndag 16. desember 2012

Love Trap Anno 2012

Do you ever wonder what the Walt Trixney Castellium in caliphonya houses, beneath the gaudy bulwark?
Let us enjoin minds tentacles and consider this psy-op..
What IS the Love Trap Ano 2012?
That is yet to be revealed In Finis.....
Primi; the flim mythos output of Walt Trixney Corporapia; (see if you noticed these insertions yourself...they not all seen by your humble scribe..let us just agrrrrrrrre that honour due where honour due);
Lion Thing( lion hero wags rump in tune with musicae....no hero lion does this)
Hercules( hades speak "i am home zewzie" ..zews powerful chest struggles against the embrace of elemements holding him fast..zews has manicured hair)
......ideally i would supply 3 examples..but i can not..what we learn? is there momoerotiscism= yes...is this harmless for our children? i do not really know..
so what really transpire beneath the implied feminization of male lions and the implied rape of god?
torture chambers? monarch ploglamming?
we are the hoi polloi..
we just not allowed to know..
and so we worry..................................
In finis; The Love Trap anno 2012 is many things dimly understood by humble scribe.....Is it an attempt to have ones way with the minds of blonde boychilds? aye..
it is the careful tending of the garden of permissive society so the strange ones can be free and finally relax their vigil..
Is it the synthesis-marriage of synthetic will and intention naturalis?  yes, so the mythis suggest......
im finalis; i am xael by intention and design....at this momento i am at peace with you..

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