søndag 6. januar 2013

the new adventures of Aurhadiaz the Menta Lion

As Aurhadiaz travelled through the land of Inister on soft, careful paws..
A Mhaiimaani hailed him from a hut up in a threetree...-"Hail,Beautiful One! Let me riddle you this; What is the sum of three added to two?"
-"Umm..seven?"answered Aurhadiaz..
-"that is entirely correct!" enthused the Mhaiimaani..-"Now this then; Describe yourself to me as if i had no eyesight!"
Aurhadiaz looked away.. -"I am soft.. I walk softly.."
-"HA HA! That is very fitting!" laughed the Mhaii...It then climbed with much rapido up into its hut..It returned swiftly coiling a slender fibrerope..
-"Let me just challenge you once more! Let me tie you up in this rope and let us see if you can break free.."
Here Aurhadiaz betray that he not a very astute mindworker..for he allowed the apething to bind him...he tested the bindings with his heroic strength..
-"I cannot seem to break free" he spoke, looking at the ape with gentle eyes..
Now the Mhaiimaanii almost had a fit from laughing and jumping up and down with Glee..
How suprised Aurhadiaz was when the apething slid its rod into his round rump with much conviction and relief..

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