torsdag 21. februar 2013

the feisty french schoolboy and the arabian matrons

 Niev Neigenfey was travelling the sultry Middle East---home in Provence they sometimes called him the feisty blonde schoolboy....but true to his character he did not comprehend why.
Two arabian matrons  invited him into their home on a particular hot day....
How suprised was Niev when they began removing his garments....his impassioned objections fell on ears of stone;-"non matron!Ne me deshabille pas! Je promesse. Je suis bon. Tres bon."

After much joyful fondling one of the matrons decided it was time to take out a little toy her husbond had brought from a business trip to Europe....Niev found this new development most disturbing;-"non matron!Non non. Je promesse!Ne me baise pas..Cest trop de punition. Je promesse. Je suis bon."

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